Živeće ovaj narod

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Живеће овај народ
Zivece ovaj narod Nina Trejd cover.jpeg
Nina Trejd Variant
Studio album by
ReleasedFebruary 1993
LabelNina Trejd
ProducerЖељко Грујић
Баја Мали Книнџа chronology
Стан'те паше и усташе
Живеће овај народ
Све за Српство, Српство низашта

Živeće ovaj narod (Serbian Cyrillic: Живеће овај народ, lit. These People Will Live On) is the third studio album the Serb war singer Baja Mali Knindža, released around February 1993 by Nina Trejd.


Živece ovaj narod marks the first time where a guest singer is present on an album. Bora Drljača makes an appearance in "Dođi kući Momčilo".


Živece ovaj narod was released in February of 1993 by Nina Trade and RTVJ with the former for domestic and the ladder for Swiss distribution. The album would go on to sell about 700,000 copies in its entire run. To date, it is Baja's best-selling album.[1] In the same year, music videos were produced for the tracks "Ne volim te Alija", "Pjeva Srpska Krajina", and "Komunjare" would be included in the SuperTon VHS compilation Najveći hitovi.

In 2016, Nina Trejd would upload Živeće ovaj narod to YouTube and digital streaming services.[2] These uploads, however, were at a slower-than-usual speed and the audio quality was noticeably poor. About four years later, a version with updated audio was uploaded by Generacide[3] and would be used by Nina Trejd for official release. It would premiere on the official YouTube channel under a generic name.[4] Two days later, it was uploaded to streaming services and was aptly renamed to Živeće ovaj narod (Remastered).[5]

Track listing

All lyrics written by Baja - Mali Knindža; all music is composed by Baja - Mali Knindža

  • "Ne volim te Alija" is misspelled as "Ne volimo te Alija" on the cassette labels in some prints.





Хвала Бори Дрљачи и Групи Крајишника, Николи, Божи и Жељку на помоћ у песми „Дођи кући Момчило” (Thanks to Bora Drljača and the group of Krajišnici, Nikola, Božo and Željko for helping in the song „Дођи кући Момчило”).

Спонзори (Sponsors): „СТР Младост”, „ИВ Стил” „Златиборац”, „Краш Комерц” и „Монтабос”

Tape Variants

First issue
  • Black matte cassette
  • Initial release
Nina Trejd Reissue (1993)
  • Has typo for "Ne volim te Alija"
  • Bad audio quality
  • Reissued approximately in 1993
RTVJ Release
  • Made in Switzerland.
  • Extremely good quality.
  • Tape is pressed together with no screws.
Nina Trejd Reissue (Unknown Year)
  • Frosted cassette
  • Has typo for "Ne volim te Alija"
Nina Trejd Reissue (Date Unknown)
  • Good audio quality
  • No stamp
  • Unlike most covers, this one is oversaturated
  • Cassette shares similarities with other reissues published around the late 90's/early 2000's


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