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This article covers the mechanical aspects of editing on Savez, rather than the formal aspects. This article is mainly meant for people who haven't contributed to a wiki before, or haven't edited Wikipedia.

If you are already familiar with wiki editing, I advise reading our Contribution guide and Code of Conduct articles, after which you should be good to go.

Like Wikipedia, Savez runs on an open source wiki program called MediaWiki. You can see the MediaWiki logo at the bottom of every page on Savez, and indeed, every Wikipedia page. This means that if you want to search for information on how to do specific formatting or add certain features to your article, you should do this in the context of "MediaWiki". For example: "How to write bold text in MediaWiki" would be a good Google search to find out how to do it on Savez. In fact, watching videos on properly editing Wikipedia can help you understand how editing on Savez works.


To edit articles on Savez, you need to create an account. We do not allow anonymous, IP-Based editing like Wikipedia does. You can create an account by clicking "Create account" at the top right of any Savez page.